Chanel Parfums et Beauté appoints Nadège Winter as its first director of ideation and influential creative strategies

Chanel Parfums et Beauté has created a new unit dedicated to ideation and creative influence strategies, headed by Nadège Winter. This new generation expert has an atypical, cross-disciplinary background, including fifteen years’ experience as an independent consultant.


Last September, Chanel Parfums et Beauté inaugurated its first “ideation (creative process for developing new ideas, ed. note) and creative influence strategies” center.


This will aim to identify, anticipate, consolidate and elaborate new beauty trends, this by “infiltrating new tribes and generating new conversations”, as the official press release states.


These duties also include creating, leading and organizing “a council of influence” with internal and external partners.


A cross-disciplinary background

Nadège Winter has been appointed to head up the department. She has a wealth of experience in communications consultancy, acquired in sectors as diverse as the music industry, culture, fashion distribution and publishing.


Nadège Winter will be working with the Chanel Brand Influence and Engagement team, the Art Department, the corporate teams and the various regions.

If Chanel Parfums et Beauté chose a newcomer to the world of beauty, it’s because she’s also enjoyed an unparalleled non-linear career.

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Featured Photo: Laura Chouette/Unsplash

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