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BMW unveils new electric models in 2023

BMW unveils new electric models in 2023

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At its annual press conference yesterday, the BMW Group confirmed the presentation of several electric vehicle models this year, including the BMW 5 Series and the Performance version. In this move to electrify its models, the German automaker is also expected to release a new range in 2024.


Like its competitors, BMW is accelerating its development of electric models. The German brand is one of the manufacturers that offers high-end vehicles without local emissions, ranging from small and compact cars to luxury class and mid-size models.


At its annual conference, Oliver Zipse, the car company’s president, revealed more details about its plans to bring electric vehicles to market, culminating in the arrival this year of the i5 sedan.


It’s all part of a plan to offer battery-electric vehicles “in virtually all major segments of its business”, the company said. Indeed, the group announced its goal in 2023 to achieve 15 percent of deliveries with all-electric models. The goal will be 20 percent in 2024, 25 percent in 2025 and 33 percent in 2026.


Several electric models


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The eighth generation BMW 5 Series will debut in 2023. According to Oliver Zipse, the new sedan will be “more dynamic and comfortable than ever”, with a “sporty and elegant design”. It will feature the BMW 8.5 operating system with the BMW Curved Display, innovative digital services and, for the first time, a purely electric drive system for the BMW i5. The official launch is only a few months away and production will start in the summer. Starting in October, the i5 will go on sale in Korea, Europe and the United States.



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