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Bentley: goodbye gasoline engines, hello electric

Bentley: goodbye gasoline engines, hello electric

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The British carmaker has just announced that it will stop production of its 12-cylinder petrol engine in April 2024 and switch to electric power.


Bentley, the famous luxury car and racing manufacturer founded in 1919, has made a big decision, which will mark a turning point in its history and production. A few days ago, it announced that as of April 2024, it would stop producing its iconic 12-cylinder gasoline engine. And this announcement is likely to disappoint purists, since it is currently the most formidable in its category, with 750 horsepower.


For the past few years, many carmakers have been switching to all-electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce their environmental impact as well as that of their customers. And Bentley is no exception to the rule. The British company has set a goal of producing and marketing its first fully electric cars by 2025. It has also pledged to purge its catalog of combustion models by 2030.


When production stops, more than 100,000 examples of the iconic W12 engine will have been hand-built at the company’s Dream Factory in Crewe, England, since its launch in 2003,” the group added in a statement.


A successful 2022


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The year 2022 was very positive for the automotive sector and particularly for Bentley. The manufacturer has had a record year. For the first time in its history, it sold more than 15,000 vehicles in the space of twelve months, 4% more than the previous year.


These sales were driven in particular by the renewal of its catalog and the increase in demand for customized models. To go even further and beat its new record, Bentley is innovating by going all-electric.


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