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[Luxus+ Magazine] A Fashion Brief on the most incredible boutiques in Paris in your next issue!

[Luxus+ Magazine] A Fashion Brief on the most incredible boutiques in Paris in your next issue!

In your next Spring-Summer 2022 issue, which will be released on July 4th during Paris Fashion Week, find the 30-page Fashion Special Report on the most incredible boutiques in Paris.


Since the beginning of the year 2022, France and especially Paris have been experiencing an impressive wave of luxury boutique openings that are among the most sought after by foreigners along with high-end hotels.


You will discover the latest trends in architecture and interior design. Trends explained by architect Chafik Gasmi, founder of Chafik Studio, in his interview. Through his expert eye, he tells us more about the new requirements of houses in relation to our new practices.


According to him, the next twenty years will see the arrival in force of hybrid boutique spaces. These stores will no longer be limited to a single function, but will be able to combine a shopping area with a hotel, restaurant or museum. A former artistic director of Sephora, he left LVMH and founded his studio to put the ecological dimension, one of his first imperatives, at the service of major luxury architectural projects. By introducing these new constraints linked to eco-design, the environmental issue is also shifting the aesthetic standards of tomorrow’s boutiques.


Focus on the most exceptional boutiques


Also in this issue: our selection of the most exceptional boutiques in the City of Light.

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Featured photo : © Kristen Pelou

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