Swiss watchmaking : the sector should recruit nearly 4 000 professionals

Since the end of the pandemic, the watch industry has been booming. The demands are coming in and the needs are growing. By 2026, this will lead to an increase in the need for manpower.


By 2026, nearly 4 000 people will have to be trained or recruited in the watchmaking sector. This is a major challenge for the industry.


The watch industry is attracting more and more customers despite inflation. After the health crisis, the industry, which had lost part of its clientele because of the closed borders, is recovering. Its economic situation is rather decent and the production and manpower needs are accelerating.


According to a study by the employers’ association of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the increase in manpower requirements forecast for 2026 is far greater than that recorded in the previous study, 10 years earlier. This represents 1 466 new positions as well as the replacement of more than 2 300 retirements.


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The editorial team
The editorial team
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