Valentino partners with UNICEF to promote Covid-19 vaccination

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Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Picciolo, decided to partner with UNICEF to create a hoodie to encourage vaccination.


The streetwear brand Cloney contributes to this project of Valentino, via the installation of their typography: a sweatshirt “Vaccinated” using the codes of the Italian House has attracted the attention of Pierpaolo Picciolo who bought the sweatshirts of the brand to offer them, including to Lady Gaga.


After sharing their photos on social networks, Pierpaolo Picciolo decided to go further and have this sweatshirt made at Valentino. The pre-sale of the hoodie “Vaccinated” begins this September 23 on their e-commerce site. All proceeds from the sale of these sweatshirts will be donated to UNICEF and COVAX, a global health initiative committed to bringing more than 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines to the world to stop the pandemic.



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Getting vaccinated has become the most effective way to fight this global pandemic, as well as a symbol of respect for others and social responsibility,” Piccioli said. “We can’t hide behind the concept of freedom by deciding not to get vaccinated. Freedom must always be protected, and we must all fight for freedom while respecting others: freedom to be oneself, freedom of thought, freedom of love, freedom to express and defend one’s own ideas. Unfortunately, not all countries have equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. With this collaboration, Valentino supports UNICEF in its efforts to distribute the life-saving COVID-19 vaccines,” the designer added.




Featured photo: © Valentino


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