“Towards a dream in the United States”: the new Louis Vuitton ad imagined by Terrence Malick

Louis Vuitton has entrusted the famous American director Terrence Malick with a new advertisement that highlights the American landscape. Between dream and lightness, this short commercial is stunningly beautiful.


Who better than a filmmaker to shoot a quality ad? The famous brand with the LV monogram called on Terrence Malick, the director of numerous films including The Tree of Life, winner of the Palme d’Or in 2011.


The filmmaker was able to step back from his activities to make this video, which is similar to a short film. With his dreamy and pictorial eye, he captures moments and makes sure to reveal nature, without doing too much.


This video is part of Louis Vuitton’s current advertising campaign, which features various countries around the world. After Iceland, Greece, Jordan and France, the company is now setting down its luggage, or rather its trunk, in a “wilderness setting” in New Mexico and Texas. The idea is to take the trunk on a journey through time and space: “the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk acts as an imaginary ship from which a young boy and his band of friends set off on an adventure.”


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Featured photo : ©Extract from the video


The editorial team
The editorial team
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