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Louis Vuitton tests a dedicated homewear shop in Shanghai

Louis Vuitton tests a dedicated homewear shop in Shanghai

The French brand has announced that it is testing a pop-up format for its homeware products in China’s largest city: Shanghai.


This is a world first for Louis Vuitton. The flagship house of the Lvmh group has just inaugurated, this Monday, a pop-up shop presenting only in-house items. It is located behind Nanjing Road, the city’s main high-end shopping street.


Currently open by appointment only, the shop will become permanent if it is successful, the brand said in a statement.


Another space is dedicated to the exhibition of the creations of Frank Chou, the first designer from mainland China that Louis Vuitton called upon to collaborate on its “Objet Nomades” collection.




This test expresses the French luxury brand’s desire to expand its lifestyle product offering to a wealthy Chinese clientele looking for the Vuitton experience, beyond clothing and accessories.


Finding new avenues of growth, especially among affluent consumers, is becoming increasingly important for luxury brands in China, as luxury spending is on the dot with China’s zero covid policy.


Louis Vuitton understands this and has already embarked on a more “lifestyle” focused offering in China last month by opening a shop in the southwestern city of Chengdu, including a showroom and restaurant.

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“LMVH is striving to reposition itself as a contemporary luxury brand by tapping into new avenues that resonate with China’s dynamic millennial and Generation Z consumers.” notes Bobby Verghese, consumer analyst at GlobalData.



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