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The new approved geographical indication of Pays de Grasse

The new approved geographical indication of Pays de Grasse

Pays de Grasse
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Listed since 2018 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the perfumes of the Pays de Grasse will now benefit from a new geographical indication: the “Pays de Grasse Absolute”. This label approved by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is an official guarantee of quality and a certification of the origin of the perfumes.


The production of perfume is a long-standing tradition in the Grasse region, where very rare flowers such as jasmine, mimosa, orange blossom, rose, myrtle or lavender are found. It is from these raw materials that the concentrates are made, requiring a set of know-how of which Grasse is the crucible. Chanel has its own jasmine and rose plantations there. Grasse is indeed the capital of luxury fragrances, signed Chanel, but also Rochas or Dior.


If the Pays de Grasse is so popular, it is not only because of the many flowers that grow there. The fame of the region is more precisely due to the fact that it is the place of invention, in the 19th century, of a very precise manufacturing process: the extraction of the “absolute” essence. The obtaining of this natural extract is necessary for the concoction of many perfumes, aromas and cosmetics. In particular, it makes it possible to obtain a large quantity of flowers without altering their quality.

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