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The luxury hotel industry is attracting more and more young people

The luxury hotel industry is attracting more and more young people

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Luxury Hotelschool Paris is a management school specializing in the luxury hotel industry. It recently unveiled a study according to which 46% of 18-25 year olds would like to pursue a career in this field.


The study conducted by Luxury Hotelschool, in partnership with Opinion Way, focuses on “young French people and the luxury hotel industry“. It aims to understand and analyze the perception and attractiveness of the luxury hotel industry among French people aged 15 to 25. Despite a shortage of manpower, the study shows that this target group is interested in a career in this industry.


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For a little over three years, all luxury sectors -including hotels and fashion- have been facing great difficulties, in a complex and heavy economic context. In addition to the financial disadvantages, covid has also strongly impacted this field.


However, the luxury hotel industry has managed to maintain its prestige and attractiveness by being inventive and innovative. During these slow years, professionals in the sector have had time to think about new strategies and new objectives. And this is finally paying off.


Among these new axes, the sector has worked to attract a new, younger clientele, to open prestigious brands and restaurants, to implement a new way of thinking and commitments to the environment. All these actions are innovative, in the air of time and speak to more people, especially young people.


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