Swarovski launches its first-ever jewelry rental service

Swarovski launches its first jewelry rental program. The United Arab Emirates inaugurate this exclusive service offered by the jewelry and accessories brand. This strategic innovation takes sustainability and inclusivity in luxury even further.


For the first time in its history, Swarovski is opening up to the rental of jewelry pieces. For the time being, this service is available exclusively in the United Arab Emirates, at the newly renovated boutique in the Dubai Mall or online at rent-swarovski.ae.


Although developed by a company like Rent Your Rocks back in 2009, the rental option remains far less developed in the jewelry world than in fashion and accessories.


A service combining inclusion and accessibility

Entitled “Play Up The Light“, the Austrian jeweler’s new program lets you rent exceptional pieces from a selection of jewels for between 4 and 20 days, with a price system equivalent to between 20% and 50% of the recommended retail price.

In the test phase, the program will run from January to June.

The system is divided into three stages: first, customers choose the dates they wish to rent. They then order the pieces they are interested in. From necklaces to bracelets, customers can choose jewelry from the Constella, Dextera, Florere, Matrix, Mesmera and Millenia collections. Finally, the pieces are delivered. Once the event is over, customers simply return the jewelry.


This enables the brand to broaden its customer base and reinforce its commitment to sustainability.


“With the launch of this unique initiative, we are redefining inclusivity and accessibility within the luxury goods industry,” says Swarovski CEO Alexis Nasard.

At the heart of this experience,” he adds, “is the desire to provide personalized services to our loyal customers, and to respond to their ever-changing desires, while adhering to our ongoing efforts in terms of sustainable development and the circular economy.


The choice of the United Arab Emirates as a test market is the result of a carefully thought-out strategy in collaboration with the Middle East’s leading luxury goods retailer, the Chalhoub Group, owner of the Dubai Mall.

A rental market on the move

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Featured Photo: © Swarovski

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