Special edition by Luxe Pack: Gainerie 91 will unveil its new collaborations

Gainerie 91, leader in luxury packaging for over 50 years, will be present at the Special Edition by Luxe Pack show on June 7 and 8. It will be an opportunity to present its latest innovations and collaborations to the industry.


For the fourth consecutive year, Special Edition by Luxe Pack, the only show in France dedicated to eco-responsible luxury packaging, confirms its dual ambition: to promote sustainable packaging innovation while positioning itself as a reference for the packaging industry.


The integration of environmental issues is the key factor of success for packaging innovations” explains the show on its website.


In 2022, the event welcomed 65 exhibitors and over 2,000 visitors. This year, as since the beginning of this French edition, Gainerie 91 will be present and will present to the experts the exciting universe of its collaborations as well as its latest innovations, fully in line with an eco-responsible approach.


The new collaborations of Gainerie 91


For several decades, Gainerie 91 has excelled in the manufacture of renowned cases and displays, working with the greatest watchmaking, jewelry, cosmetics and wine and spirits companies. The company has a workshop in France with the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label and three other factories around the world.



Among the new collaborations of Gainerie 91 that visitors will be able to discover at the show, there is a first partnership with Authentic Material, specialized in the upcycling of natural materials for the big Houses. This inventive collaboration will highlight the know-how of Gainerie 91 through the use of responsible materials.


And because eco-responsibility rhymes with new manufacturing processes, Gainerie 91 has also chosen to affiliate with the company Ictyos. Since 2018, this start-up has indeed been transforming fish skins into marine leather, using a vegetable tanning process.


This year, Gainerie 91 has also collaborated with the French company Sericyne, which specializes in the production of non-woven silk, named Sericyne or Soie Additive. Together, the two companies will present a unique creation made with 3D printing.

For the first time, Gainerie 91 has teamed up with artist Clémence Lorriaux to create a POS (point of sale advertising) dedicated to the perfume industry.


Finally, Gainerie 91, proud of its numerous collaborations with the greatest luxury brands, has decided to give visibility to students and designers in the making. Thus, since 2019, it has been pursuing a strong partnership with the Object Design section of the Saint Geneviève Institute, a Parisian creative school.


Since this initiative, students are invited by Gainerie 91 to confront the challenges of sustainable development. They express their vision of the world, of luxury and of the future through packaging and POP projects. The most promising creations are selected and manufactured in the Gainerie 91 workshops, then launched on the market.


Sustainable and responsible collaborations and initiatives that enhance products and provide unique experiences to its customers. Whether you are a professional in the sector, a luxury brand or simply curious, the next Special Edition by Luxe Pack exhibition will be an opportunity to discover the unique know-how of Gainerie 91, which pushes the limits of inventiveness every year.



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Featured photo : © Courtesy of Gainerie 91


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