At just 26, Sydney Sweeney has become the face of Kérastase. Founded in 1964, the hair care brand continues to reinvent itself, even through the personalities who represent it. For her part, actress and producer Sydney Sweeney, who came to light in 2019 with the series Euphoria, continues to climb the ladder.


In a video posted on the Kérastase Instagram account, Sydney Sweeney humorously presents her qualities to become the perfect muse for Kérastase. She will now be working alongside model Emily Ratajkowski to promote the brand. Revealed in 2019 by her role as Cassie Howard in the series Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney continues to make her mark in the Hollywood industry. She will be starring in Madame Web this year, one of the upcoming Marvel Studios productions.

“A woman who dares “


After winning over the hearts of fans of the Euphoria series, Sydney Sweeney plays the role of Snake in director Quentin Tarantino‘s 2019 film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Today, she continues to make her mark. Followed by nearly 16 million people on Instagram, she is one of today’s must-have personalities.


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I was drawn to Sydney’s warmth and magnetism, both on screen and in real life (…) She combines humour, passion and closeness. She embodies Kérastase, a woman who dares!” said Rosa Carriço, Kérastase World Director.


The young woman stands out for her unique personality. She doesn’t hesitate to associate herself with luxury brands, while promoting videos on her TikTok account (@syds-garage) where she can be seen doing mechanical work. She’s where you least expect her. The American actress had to fight hard to get her role in The White Lotus. She demonstrated the extent of her acting talent. “They didn’t think I’d make the cut for The White Lotus because I’d done Euphoria,” she explained to Variety. “So I registered and auditioned for The White Lotus just like everyone else, and they called me back just like everyone else.


Prochainement, Sydney Sweeney sera à l’affiche de la comédie romantique Tout sauf toi, qui sortira le 21 janvier 2024 dans les salles françaises.



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Featured Image : © Kérastase

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