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Rihanna unveils a Fenty capsule collection and launches her new skincare brand

Rihanna unveils a Fenty capsule collection and launches her new skincare brand

Nothing stands up to the Rihanna Empire anymore. The American star has definitely made a name for herself in all areas, and continues to grow as a true business woman. While she has just launched a capsule collection of seven leatherette Fenty pieces, the Barbadian singer has also officially announced the launch of her new skincare brand.


Fenty, owned by the LVMH group, which presented leather shoes, skirts and trousers in its first collection in spring 2019, is taking the shift to sustainability.


The inspiration for this capsule called “Freedom“? The exhibition Les Petits Métiers by fashion photographer Irving Penn, who sublimated the small, disappearing street trades he admired.


During the autumn-winter 2020-2021 fashion week in Paris, Bella Hadid had already given us a taste of the collection by wearing an XXL faux leather shirt between two fashion shows.


Thanks to a sober colour palette, an innovative fabric and minimalist cuts, the collection diverts this material from its reputation as “hard to leather” into a light and sophisticated envelope.


Hoodie, corset dress and XXL shirt (the brand’s signature pieces): the entire collection is available on with prices ranging from 520 euros for a shirt to 590 euros for trousers.


Fenty Skin: Rihanna’s new skincare brand


While the rumour had been going around for a year, the star has just officially confirmed the creation of “Fenty Skin“, her new skincare brand, to British Vogue. An additional consecration for the young woman with the multiple caps.


For the past year, rumours about the creation of a skincare brand by Rihanna have been going strong following the filing (not confirmed by the main person concerned) of the name of her new brand at the American patent office on March 25, 2019.


Some even had access to the confidential file, which allowed them to see what it was all about: “skin care, soap, skin care and personal hygiene products (excluding colored cosmetics, perfumes and other scent-only products), as well as related accessories, such as kits, tools and applicators“.


It was only in the last issue of British Vogue that Rihanna confirmed the creation of her brand new skincare brand, soberly named Fenty Skin.


In an interview with the magazine, she said that the same high standards applied to her make-up brand were expected for Fenty Skin.

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This explains the year of research that the teams needed. The singer also confided that she played a real role in the creation and evolution of her brands: “I write all the texts for the websites, from the description of the products, to their names, to the colour names…” . To which she added “I would feel like a fraud if I sold something I can’t defend“.


No other information has been released at this time. So all we have to do now is waiting for the official launch date…



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