Pininfarina launches the Battista Reversario

Automobili Pininfarina, the Italian manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles, surprises with the Battista Reversario, a hypercar inspired by its predecessor, the Battista Anniversario. Featuring an inverted color scheme and customized interior, this unique model boasts surprisingly sporty performance.


Yin and yang. The legendary Italian coachbuilder and designer Automobili Pininfarina unveiled its latest model on Thursday April 11: the Battista Reversario.


This one-of-a-kind work of automotive art is a twin to the Battista Anniversario, launched as a limited series in 2020 to celebrate the manufacturer’s 90th anniversary. Only 5 examples of the latter were produced, each priced at 2.6 million euros before tax.


The Battista Reversario features a color scheme reversed from that of the Anniversario. The lower part is finished in glossy Bianco Sestriere (a shade of white), while the upper part is finished in glossy Grigio Antonelliano (a shade of grey). Details such as pinstripes and personalized lettering follow this logic of harmonious opposition.


Automobili Pininfarina Battista Reversario and Anniversario 2


An unusual birth


The story of this new version began with a luxury car enthusiast who already owned one of the five Battista Anniversario models produced. This collector asked Pininfarina to create an opposite version of his existing model, giving birth to the Battista Reversario, a tailor-made hypercar.


“Anniversario and Reversario were intended to be created by the Pininfarina team. I simply challenged them to understand what could be created if you followed your heart and passion,” says the Reversario’s customer. “All credit to them. The binoculars represent total perfection never before achieved in the automotive world.”


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Featured photo : © Automobili Pininfarina

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