New twist in the Metabirkin NFT case

The Nfts Birkin case began last January. A trial opened in New York opposing the famous leather goods company Hermès to Mason Rothschild, a recognized NFT artist. We thought the story was over with a decision condemning the artist. But it is not finished…


Last month, Mason Rothschild was ordered by a federal court in Manhattan, New York, to pay $133,000 in damages to Hermès. He also had to stop selling his NTFs creations, which were exact reproductions of the Birkin model of the leather goods brand. The trial was supposed to be closed, but now…


A news comes to reopen this file! Indeed, the developer of the Metabirkin NFT collection would not have stopped the marketing of tokens (tokens) incriminated. According to Reuters, Hermes has asked a court to issue an injunction to block these sales. The luxury group also wants to get its hands on the revenue from the sale of the tokens and take control of the smart contract that governs the collection.


According to Emmanuelle Hoffman, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, the company will ask the judge “to enjoin a significant penalty payment.” It is important that the commercialization of this collection of NFTs stops, because “there is too much financial risk to continue,” she adds.


Mason Rothschild has continued to promote NFTs despite the recent ruling. We hope that the federal court will intervene and force Rothschild to not only stop selling the digital assets, but also to transfer the NFTs it still owns to Hermes,” the group said in its complaint.



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The editorial team
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