Mercedes S-Class 580 : a luxury concentrate for the new sedan

The sleek design of the New S-Class focuses on the essentials : perfect proportions on the outside and the most luxurious interior.


Mercedes unveils its new S-class model: the 580. The group wants the model to contain the maximum passive and active protection against collisions. Among other novelties, the design and high-tech features are not lacking in this new car.


Until the arrival of the AMG S63 version, the V8-powered S 580 is the most powerful and expensive new S-Class available.


Harmonious shapes


The S-Class emphasizes flowing curves and organic shapes rather than the granite-cut blocks of previous models.



One of the most harmonious touches are the retractable door handles, which slide flush with the doors at high speeds to reduce drag. The S-Class also retains the classic Mercedes grille with the three-pointed star sprouting from the hood above.


Comfort is the name of the game


The model has an ease of driving accentuated by the engine: a marvel of modern internal combustion. Mercedes has always produced pleasing powertrains, but the combination of the S 580’s twin-turbo V8, a lightweight hybrid engine-generator and the intuitive nine-speed automatic transmission makes for a truly seamless drive.


The first thing you notice when you slam the door and step inside: absolute quiet. The second thing you notice is how comfortable the seats are, even without the massage function activated. The headrests in the front and rear provide unparalleled comfort.


An intelligent interior


The big infotainment news for 2021 was the Hyperscreen. The S-Class, features an iPad Pro sized touchscreen mounted between the driver and passenger.  But that’s not the only screen, the dashboard is a large screen that offers an incredible number of customization options, from several styles of gauges to all sorts of secondary information. Unlike other Benzes, the new S’s screen lets you choose between 2D and 3D displays (the latter uses cameras to monitor your vision and shift the display to create the illusion of depth).


The interior is flexible: 64 colors of ambient lighting create chromatic moods that can dynamically alternate or illuminate multiple areas in different colors. The driver also gets a light confirmation of the room temperature adjustment when adjusting the air conditioner.





Featured photo : © MERCEDES


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