MakeUp in Paris 2022: Raphaël Makeup Brushes awarded for its innovative eco-friendly accessory

The 2022 edition of the BtoB MakeUp in Paris trade show, which ended on June 17, rewarded four winners among the make-up and skincare innovations presented during the “Innovation & Trends Awards”. But one of them turns out to be as innovative as eco-responsible…


Open to all exhibitors at the show, this competition made a pre-selection of 22 new skincare and make-up products and 3 favorites among more than 80 entries. In fine, four innovations were nominated by the members of the jury and ended up as winners, divided into four distinct categories: Accessories, Formulation, Full Service and Packaging.


The “Ageless Serum” by Pharma Cos Srl was voted best innovation in the “Formulation” category, as was the “Flexxxy Palette” by Chromavis Fareva in the “Full Service” category, while “Private Refill” by Aptar Beauty + Home was named best innovation in the “Packaging” category, for its intelligent lipstick refill mechanism.


While these three winners stood out from the rest, there is one innovation that stands out as both innovative and committed to the planet.


Focus on “The Ocean Brush”, by Raphaël Makeup Brushes




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