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MakeUp in Paris 2022 details the program of its conferences

MakeUp in Paris 2022 details the program of its conferences

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The annual meeting of beauty professionals, MakeUp in Paris, makes its comeback at the Carrousel du Louvre on June 16 and 17. Details of the program and conferences planned.


With more than 150 exhibitors and no less than 4,000 visitors for its 12th edition, the event will bring together brands of finished products and suppliers of ingredients, formulation, packaging, accessories but also devices and digital solutions.


The pandemic has interrupted trade shows, but the beauty industry, more than any other sector, needs a real trade show with face-to-face contacts. The use of the five senses is mandatory to evaluate a beauty product” , said Sandra Maguarian, founder and director of the show.


The detailed program of conferences


Also, the show plans to organize several (and many!) conferences and debates, led by experts in the field of beauty and who will give their insights into the trends of the global market in this sector.



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