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LVMH Métiers d’art invests in Italian leather

LVMH Métiers d’art invests in Italian leather

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LVMH Métiers d’art announces major investments in two renowned Italian manufacturers: Robans and Ally Projects.


LVMH Métiers d’art has just acquired the exotic leather tannery Ally Projects and acquired a stake in the high-end leather ready-to-wear manufacturer Robans. This is the latest step in a long series of investments.


Created in 2015, LVMH Métiers d’art was set up to bring exceptional raw materials to the LVMH group’s houses, bringing together the most talented manufacturers and craftsmen, who combine the latest technologies as well as unparalleled expertise in their fields.

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Robans and Ally Projects join the many manufacturers that already belong to the structure, such as Tanneries Roux and the metal and costume jewelry manufacturer Jade Groupe, to name just two.



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