[Luxus Magazine] Tesla’s Cybertruck creates sparks

Launched in November 2023, Tesla’s Cybertruck inspires and amazes. The electric car manufacturer has established itself as the market leader with this latest model, delighting celebrities and nerds alike.


Founded twenty years ago, Tesla has become a key player in the electric vehicle sector. Announced in 2019, its latest model, the Cybertruck, generated more than 2 million pre-orders (with a deposit of 100 euros from potential customers). It was finally released in November 2023 in the United States, two years behind initial estimates. Production will not reach its cruising speed of 250,000 vehicles per year until 2025.


The future will look like the future,” Elon Musk declared at the launch party on a stage decorated in a Cyberpunk garage style. Tesla’s pickup design has divided the Internet, eliciting admiration from some and disgust from others.


A month before the launch, a unit was sold at auction, reaching $400,000 at the 29th Petersen Auto Museum gala. Tesla owners are not allowed to sell their new vehicle during the first year after delivery due to the limited quantity. Kim Kardashian already received hers, which she showcased on February 10 on Instagram in front of KIMAIR, her private jet. Pharrell Williams was also spotted near Miami at the controls of the Cybertruck, as were Lady Gaga in California, Serena Williams, and Jay Leno.


Cybertruck launch party ©TESLA


The Cybertruck


Beyond its exterior appearance, the Cybertruck is touted as a sturdy, high-performance vehicle ensuring passenger safety. It comes in three versions: the Cyberbeast priced at $99,990, the All-Wheel Drive, at $79,990, and finally the Rear-Wheel Drive available from 2025, at $60,990. On the EPA cycle (simulating urban driving), the range is 402 km for the entry-level model and reaches 515 km for the Cyberbeast. Tesla plans to offer an additional range extender of 200 km to be placed in the trunk. This is an impressive feat, considering the Cybertruck literally weighs 3 tons.


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