[Luxus Magazine] 7th Choose France Summit: France on the right track

The 7th edition of the Choose France Summit, which took place at the Château de Versailles on May 13, 2024, set a new record with the announcement of 56 investment projects totaling 15 billion euros and the creation of 10,000 jobs. The event underscored the crucial role of investment in strategic sectors such as healthcare, the environment and new technologies. So, is France heading in the right direction?


On Monday May 13, 2024, the prestigious Château de Versailles hosted the 7th edition of the Choose France Summit. Organized under the theme “France, land of champions”, the event brought together nearly 200 foreign business leaders of 40 different nationalities, marking a record with the announcement of 56 projects representing a total of €15 billion in investments and the creation of 10,000 jobs.


These investments are in a number of key sectors, including healthcare, the environment and new technologies. For the fifth year running, France is thus maintaining its position as Europe’s most attractive country thanks to a proactive economic policy.


Since its launch in January 2018 by President Emmanuel Macron, the Choose France Summit has become an annual fixture on the agenda of international industrialists and investors. Since its inception, it has led to the announcement of 178 projects representing a total of €31.2 billion in investment. However, monitoring these projects remains a complex task, with some investments spanning several years.


Under the banner of major events


Choose France provides an opportunity for privileged exchanges between members of the government, foreign investors and French companies, underlining the importance of international investment in supporting growth, innovation and employment in France.


The 7th edition of the Summit echoed the major events of 2024, notably the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, and highlighted French pride as embodied by the “Make it Iconic” campaign. The theme “France, land of champions” was illustrated by the presentation of the torches and medals of the Paris 2024 Games, symbolizing French know-how.



In addition, India was this year’s guest of honor, and a round table brought together French and Indian companies, strengthening economic ties between the two countries.


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