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Luxury watch : Why Aiôn Group is shaking up the French watch industry

Luxury watch : Why Aiôn Group is shaking up the French watch industry

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The Aiôn watchmaking group will not be setting up in the historic Franc-Comté cradle of watchmaking, nor in Switzerland, but in La Ciotat in the Bouches-du-Rhône department. By relocating to France a Swiss factory that it has just acquired, the producer of the luxury brand Lornet wishes to revitalise and relaunch the “made in France” watchmaking industry. An announcement that is already causing a stir in the sector.


Can Made in France compete with Swiss watchmaking ? In any case, this is the challenge that the Aiôn group intends to take up, a holding company with a mission created on the Côte d’Azur in 2021 by four founders, and endowed with 20 million euros of capital.


Among them, Anthony Simao, who in 2016 created the Lornet brand in homage to the name of his maternal grandfather, making a watch that is almost entirely French.  Anthony Simao has joined forces with Olimpiu Salcou, a specialist in business management, the financier Céline Guth and the investor Hubert Patural.


After various proposals in Lyon, Strasbourg, Nantes, Montélimar and the Pays de Gex, Aiôn Group chose La Ciotat for various reasons: the territorial dynamics, the proximity of the international airport, the prospect of having available land and the existence of a certain purchasing power on the French Riviera.

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Featured photo : © Aiôn Group

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