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Luxury perfumery: The top 5 sales in france in 2020 in the men’s segment

Luxury perfumery: The top 5 sales in france in 2020 in the men’s segment

In spite of the pandemic, luxury perfumery is not experiencing a crisis in the hexagon. A look back at the 5 best-selling men’s fragrances on the French market in 2020, according to Mathilde Lion, market research specialist.


After the 5 best-selling women’s fragrances and the best-selling foundation, the specialist reveals a logical ranking of this year’s best-selling fragrances for men. These studies thus show that the need of French people, linked to their smell and their aesthetics, remains omnipresent despite social distancing, masked faces, or the absence of going out.


“The Perfumes category proved to be particularly resilient at the end of the first period of confinement, a sign that despite the difficulties and social distancing, perfume retains its place in the hearts of French women”, underlines the specialist.


Fragrance is not only a favourite with women, and men are also rather loyal to their favourite fragrance since the fragrances in this ranking are not the most recent ones : Bleu by Chanel, Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, Sauvage by Dior, Terre d’Hermès and Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.


Bleu by Chanel

Bleu by Chanel is thus available in several interpretations, like most perfumes by the way : toilet water, perfume water and perfume at 130 euros for 100 ml. These are “two aromatic and woody fragrances with warm and sensual accents”. The brand also shows a strong interest for its male clientele and offers various collections for men such as shaving essentials but also “Boy by Chanel”, a skincare and make-up line.


Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled  is also interpreted in different ways : Boss Bottled Infinite, Boss Bottled Intense, Boss Bottled Absolute, Boss Bottled Saffron, Boss Bottled Tonic, Boss Bottled Night, Boss Bottled Unlimited …. and the Boss Bottled perfume and basic toilet water. The perfume water is 67.20 euros for 100ml. The range is of course extended to include deodorants and other care products.


Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage “is an act of creation inspired by the great outdoors. A composition signed with a raw freshness, between power and nobility”. Available at a price of 93 euros, the perfume is also available in perfume water and toilet water, as well as in skin care products.


Terre by Hermès

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Terre d’Hermès follows the same range strategy as its previous competitors, and is offered at the price of 119 euros for 75ml for “The vigour of citrus fruits and peppers combined with the flint note sign the imprint of the earth”. 


Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier

As conclusion, Le Male , which has been one of the best-selling products for a few years now, perfectly combines lavender, mint and vanilla for the modest sum of 64 euros per 75ml. Its creator pays tribute to the sailor : “Le Male, as virile as it is sexy, is a fragrance that offers an unconventional vision of masculinity. A men’s fragrance with an extremely modern trail”. The product is also available in different degrees of intensity.


All from the French perfume industry, these men’s fragrances have dominated the French market in recent years, as have Angel by Mugler, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, J’Adore by Dior, L’Interdit by Givenchy and La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme for women.




Photo à la Une : © Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier

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