LMIS 2021: How Upcycling Can Become Part of the Content Factory

The 2021 edition of the Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit was held this Tuesday, March 30, and on this occasion, several topics were presented in a panel format, opening up the dialogue around the current issues related to the circular economy in the luxury sector. Muriel Ballayer, Director of Marketing and Development at Wands, offered insights into the question: How can upcycling become part of the content factory?


The keynote speech by Muriel Ballayer, Director of Marketing and Development at Wands, opened with the question, “What do you think is the average lifespan of a post on social media?” This very short duration, two seconds on average, of a post on social networks, is what Muriel calls the “culture of the moment“.


To remedy the extreme volatility of publications on social networks, Muriel Ballayer has an idea: Upcycling. Indeed, “it’s time to produce in a more responsible way“.”This is one of the economic consequences of Covid, the advent of digital communication and social commerce, combined with the rise of China and its platforms, which further multiplies the volume of content to produce to emerge,” says Muriel Ballayer.


Indeed, for the director of marketing and development at Wands, “we need to produce more and more assets to cover the global digital and social ecosystem, to have an editorial calendar that favorises user engagement and platforms.” That’s why Upcycling may soon become part of the content factory.


What if we were to say stop, and become aware that an asset can have multiple lives and tell different stories. Now may be the time to produce differently, and consciously. The creative upcycling consists of giving a second life to existing assets“, says Muriel.


Muriel suggests “inviting upcycling into the design and production of social and digital content. For the marketing and development director at Wand, “It’s time for re-use, re-design and re-purpose marketing and communication assets“, especially in the luxury sector.




Featured Photo : © Luxus Plus


The editorial team
The editorial team
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