Luxury Innovation Awards 2023 in Geneva: celebrating technological excellence in the luxury industry

Over the course of two days, the Luxury Innovation Summit 2023, organized in Geneva by the Luxury Venture Group, served as a platform for industry leaders, startups, investors, and academics to come together and redefine the future of luxury.


The event featured a diverse panel of speakers, including international luxury leaders such as the General Manager of Global Luxury at eBay, the Director of Open Innovation at LVMH, and the General Manager of BVLGARI Switzerland.


During this event, the Luxury Innovation Awards 2023 were presented, recognizing exceptional achievements in various categories of the luxury industry. Winners were selected from 122 applications from 24 countries by an international jury during a rigorous three-month process. Here’s a closer look at these awards.


Luxury Fashion and Design

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Featured Photo: © Press

Picture of Katia Kachan
Katia Kachan
Katia Kachan is passionate about digital transformation, but also a fashion globetrotter. She has lived on three continents and speaks 5 languages. She is also the founder of Anteros Founders, a business development agency dedicated to enhancing human creativity through technology.

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