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Luxury: How Italy became the leader in men’s fashion?

Luxury: How Italy became the leader in men’s fashion?

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In his recent column published on, Edoardo Secchi, entrepreneur, founding president of Italy-France Group, and founder of the Italy-France Club, explains why Italy remains the leading country in men’s fashion. He also believes that 2021 will be the year of recovery thanks to e-commerce and demand from countries outside the European Union. Explanations.


According to Edoardo Secchi, the boot is a real incubator where conception, research, innovation and design work together in the most competitive companies capable of satisfying the growing demand from Europe, the United States and the Orient.


In his analysis, the entrepreneur mentions several elements, including the fact that Italy in 2019 reached 10 billion euros in turnover in the men’s fashion sector. According to him, this global success of the sector is largely linked to the know-how of master craftsmen, which is passed on from generation to generation. All the more so as the country represents the “mecca” of footwear. A position that could be maintained thanks to the strong wave of e-commerce that the country is experiencing.

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A sector with a turnover of 10 billion euros


In 2019, the sector reached a turnover of €10 billion, of which 70% is generated by exports, and a trade balance of around €4 billion.


The sector is made up of thousands of companies capable of producing around 50% of all men’s clothing sold in the world, and 70% of jackets and trousers. As for footwear, the peninsula is the leading European producer. It exports 80% of its production and is third in the world in terms of value.



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