Luxury hotels: The Experimental Group acquires Le Regina and Le Garage in Biarritz

After the acquisition of Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds in the UK last May, the Experimental group of companies, owner of cocktail and wine bars, restaurants and hotels, has announced the purchase of two luxury hotels in Biarritz: Le Regina and Le Garage.


Notably famous for having introduced the cocktail bar culture to Paris around 2015, Experimental is pursuing its strategy of establishing itself across France and four other European countries (England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy).


With this in mind, the latter has just acquired two luxury hotels overlooking the Miramar beach in Biarritz: Le Regina and Le Garage; formerly owned by the Neris group.


I am very happy to have, since 2014, renovated and led with the whole team Le Regina for its second life and led the renovation project of Le Garage. It is with pleasure and a certain emotion that I hand over to the Experimental group to give a new impetus to these establishments which, I am convinced, will be successful” , underlines the CEO of Neris, Thierry Minsé.



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Featured photo : © Le Regina


The editorial team
The editorial team
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