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Lanvin Group gets a new brand identity

Lanvin Group gets a new brand identity

Formerly Fosun Fashion Group, Chinese luxury group Lanvin Group is adopting a new brand identity following its name change.


Global luxury fashion group Lanvin Group today unveiled its new brand identity following its name change in early October. The new identity includes a modernized logo and a new website, which express the group’s commitment and desire to be innovative in the global luxury market.


The adoption of the Lanvin name shows the group’s desire to consolidate its position as an international luxury group and to perpetuate the history of the oldest French luxury fashion house still in business. According to group president Joann Cheng, the changes are consistent with Lanvin Group’s commitment to its heritage and ambitions to become a luxury leader. “In the past, as Fosun Fashion Group, we weren’t so easily recognizable – but if you say Lanvin Group, it’s immediately understood,” she explains. “I hope our rebranding clearly shows who we are and our vision, which is to be the leading luxury fashion group rooted in China and a global brand manager




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Global opportunities


This new brand identity provides the brands in the group’s portfolio with a common platform and a unique goal of global recognition. Lanvin Group aims to set new standards, drive strategic investments and provide operational support to the brands, as well as access to the world’s fastest growing luxury fashion markets.


Joann Cheng wants to strengthen the group’s presence in the U.S. as well as in China, where its penetration rate is low (only 10% of revenues). She plans to optimize an omnichannel approach by partnering with platforms such as Farfetch, and strengthen its digital team by hiring more experts in key regions. Physical stores will not be neglected, however: “A physical presence is still very important to maintain the image of luxury brands. We want to open at least five or six more for each brand worldwide over the next year.


Taking on the luxury market


Lanvin Group is also actively seeking new acquisitions, following the purchase of Sergio Rossi, Wolford, St. John Knits and finally, Caruso. While past investments have mostly been “iconic brands with a strong history and identity,” Cheng is interested in diversifying its brand portfolio with areas such as beauty or technology associated with fashion.


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Mostly represented in Europe, luxury as we know it could well emerge from China. The arrival of Lanvin Group with its heritage, its investments and its growth force could well overshadow the French and European groups. Without distorting the brands in their portfolio and their heritage, the group is betting on luxury and physical and digital investments to establish its power. A group to watch closely in the future!






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