L Catterton, the leading consumer investment fund, has just acquired a majority stake in the Stripes Beauty brand. Founded by actress Naomi Watts in 2022, Stripes Beauty offers a full range of products and a platform to support the well-being of menopausal women.


The future of Stripes Beauty is assured.


The menopause-focused beauty and wellness brand has just been acquired by investment firm L Catterton. This is in partnership with Britishactress and producer Naomi Watts (Mullholland Drive, King Kong…), who founded the brand in 2022.


L Catterton should provide Stripes Beauty with the means to take off again and expand at an accelerated pace…


A quick reminder: in 2023, just one year after its creation, the brand was already being put up for sale by its owner, the biotech group Amyris. Under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, it was forced to concentrate on its core business, the development of sustainable ingredients, and to divest its portfolio of consumer brands. In addition to Beauty Stripes, this portfolio included Biossance (skincare), Costa Brazil (fragrances), JVN (hair care) Pipette (baby body care) and the Onda Beauty chain


White Knight


With L Catterton, Stripes Beauty has found its white knight.


To lead Stripes Beauty’s second phase of growth, L Catterton has endowed the brand with a new management team, a duo of experts in beauty, strategy, retail and operations, namely Cara Kamenev, a former L’Oréal executive appointed President, and Debra Perelman, former CEO of Revlon, appointed Executive President. Naomi Watts remains Creative Director.


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Featured Photo: © Stripes Beauty

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