KPMG study: the best customer experiences in fashion and beauty

On November 8, KPMG published the 4th edition of the Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) barometer. This indicator takes stock of the best practices in customer experience in France.


KPMG publishes the 4th edition of the Customer Experience Excellence. It highlights the sectors and brands that have been able to provide the best customer experiences through the quality of their services.


For this 4th edition of the barometer, KPMG surveyed more than 7,200 French consumers on more than 240 brands, to establish a consolidated ranking of 187 of them. For each brand, consumers rate on a scale of 1 to 10 different criteria: Net Promoter Score (NPS), loyalty, quality/price ratio and 6 pillars.


The study also provides a sectoral analysis of the companies evaluated by grouping them into different sectors: Banking, Insurance, Energy and Natural Resources, Specialized Distribution, Food Retail, Fashion & Beauty, Catering, Travel and Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure, Telecom and finally Logistics.


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The editorial team
The editorial team
Thanks to its extensive knowledge of these sectors, the Luxus + editorial team deciphers for its readers the main economic and technological stakes in fashion, watchmaking, jewelry, gastronomy, perfumes and cosmetics, hotels, and prestigious real estate.

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