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Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants : survey reveals more authentic and inclusive needs

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants : survey reveals more authentic and inclusive needs

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Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, part of the Luxury & lifestyle collection of IHG Hotels & Resorts, has released the results of a global consumer opinion survey from four different countries. It reveals a need for authenticity and new expectations from guests.


This survey assesses consumers’ opinions on the content of travel brands and influencers on social networks. More than 4,000 people were surveyed in Australia, the UK, Japan and the US.

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Kimpton found a clear need among respondents for more authentic and diverse travel content, as well as a strong demand for travel brands to provide more content creation and inclusive, diverse experiences.


At Kimpton, we pride ourselves on being a different kind of hotel. Our founding principles root us in human connection and offer a Stay Human experience. We want our guests and employees to be comfortable, to be the most authentic, no matter their first name, skin color or body type,” said Kathleen Reidenbach, Kimpton’s chief commercial officer.


However, we know that social media and marketing content within the travel industry has not always reflected the people and experiences that truly make up our global community. That’s why we’re committed to deepening the foundation of our Stay Human brand philosophy with new brand commitments that will continue to change the way we work with creators, the images we share and the experiences we deliver,” she added.


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