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India : Mercedes-Benz gets ahead of rival Tesla

India : Mercedes-Benz gets ahead of rival Tesla

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German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is aiming for pole position in the Indian luxury electric vehicle market and intends to stay one step ahead of its competitor, Tesla.


This year in India, Mercedes-Benz will launch three new electric cars and set up a fast-charging network across the country. It will also be the first to assemble a luxury electric vehicle in India, which will allow it to offer a competitive price to its competitors due to a lower tax rate of 5% on locally built electric vehicles, compared to 100% on imported models.


Rival Tesla, meanwhile, recently suspended plans to enter the Indian market due to high import taxes on electric vehicles.


Martin Schwenk, Country Manager of Mercedes-Benz, said in an interview with Reuters: “Now we are really starting our aggressive offensive in the electric vehicle market. (…) In the next five years, 25% of our sales [in India] will be electric.”

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Featured photo : © Mercedes-Benz

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