Hotels: Radisson Collection sets foot in India

Radisson Hotel Group has just inaugurated its very first property under the Radisson Collection brand in India. The Radisson Collection Hotel & Spa Riverfront Srinagar strengthens the presence of India’s second largest international hotel operator in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Radisson Collection Hotel & Spa Riverfront Srinagar is the first of the Radisson Group’s luxury lifestyle brand to open in India.

This announcement testifies to the hotel group’s attraction not only to leading Indian cities such as New Delhi, but also to third-rate cities such as Srinagar.

An ode to the craftsmanship of Kashmir (northern India) through its architectural elements and decoration, the hotel is strategically located not far from the region’s main tourist circuits.

This address along the Jhelum river reflects the hotel group’s strategy of turning its establishments into social hubs with a distinctive gastronomic experience.

Discovering Kashmir

The largest hotel in the Jammu and Kashmir region, the Radisson Collection Hotel & Spa Riverfront Srinagar offers 212 spacious rooms, divided into several categories: premium, executive, suite, executive suite and presidential suite.

The hotel’s layout is inspired by authentic Kashmiri motifs and the iconic geometric star “jali ” – a traditional lattice or screen typically found in Kashmiri architecture, renowned for its intricate craftsmanship and decorative appeal. These motifs are complemented by works of art illustrating the intricate embroidery process of Kashmiri shawls and carpets.

The hotel also offers a unique culinary journey, blending different cuisines in a setting that is both contemporary and traditional. Firdaus, one of the hotel’s two dining outlets, offers local specialties prepared using ancestral Kashmiri culinary techniques. These include the Kashmiri Wazwaan, a traditional multi-course meal known for its elaborate preparation.


© Radisson Collection/Radisson Hotels Group


The establishment also features the Sapphire Lounge, a modern tea and coffee lounge, offering French pastries, cakes and a variety of teas in an elegant ambience. It is complemented by the Mehfil, a bar area offering a wide selection of premium spirits in a sophisticated setting, characterized by transparent glass walls and colorful leather furnishings, reminiscent of a comfortable residential lounge.

But its marvel is undoubtedly the Mumtaz, a vast reception space suitable for weddings and corporate meetings. At 460 m2, it is one of the largest pillarless banquet halls in the Kashmir Valley. Its walls are adorned with various forms of Kashmiri art such as “Mehrab”, a design usually decorated with intricate geometric patterns, calligraphy and sometimes floral motifs.


Mumtaz Hall © Radisson Collection/Radisson Hotels Group


Strategically located, the hotel is close to the region’s main tourist attractions, including Dal Lake, the Mughal Gardens, the Tulip Garden, the Shalimar Garden, the Cheshmashahi Garden, the Pari Mahal, the Shankaracharya Temple, the historic Lal Chowk and downtown Srinagar. While some regions of India are poorly endowed in terms of infrastructure and transport, this is not the case for the Radisson Collection Hotel & Spa Riverfront Srinagar, which benefits froman international airport as well as a road and rail network.

This new establishment is the eighth hotel opened by the Radisson Hotels group in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Second largest international operator in India

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Featured Photo: © Radisson Collection/Radisson Hotels Group

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