Bentley targets India’s elite with Opulence Edition collection

Bentley has set its sights on India’s elite with its Opulence Edition collection, an exclusive series of five models that embody the essence of luxury. Handcrafted in England, this edition marks a milestone as the first Mulliner Bespoke series designed exclusively for India.


Bentley, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, recently unveiled its latest jewel on the Indian market: the Opulence Edition. This exclusive collection of five meticulously designed models was handcrafted in Crewe, England, by Mulliner, Bentley’s renowned in-house customization and bespoke division.


This special edition marks a significant milestone as the first series created exclusively for the Indian market.


The Opulence Edition aims to celebrate the energy and dynamism of India through its unique design and vibrant colors. Each model is imbued with the Indian spirit, inspired in particular by the colors of the national flag.



The Scarab Green exterior color, specially developed by Mulliner, evokes the iridescence of the exoskeleton of the beetle found on the flag, providing an ideal canvas for expressing the essence of Indian luxury. This color was used for the first time on the Bacalar limited series.


Five exceptional models


The Opulence Edition offers a varied selection of Bentley models, each with its own distinctive charm. The five models include a Continental GT Speed, a Flying Spur Speed and a trio of Bentayga EWB Azure.


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Featured photo : © Bentley

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