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Hotels: Accor sets up a new organization

Hotels: Accor sets up a new organization

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As announced last July, the Accor hotel group has created two new operating structures. The first division brings together its “Premium, Midscale & Economy” brands and the second brings together its “Luxury & Lifestyle” brands.


Announced a few months ago and recently put into shape, the new organization will be gradually rolled out during the first quarter of 2023. It aims to further accelerate the group’s growth and better respond to market expectations and developments. A “shared global” platform will provide expertise to both divisions in digital, technology and purchasing.


The Premium, Midscale & Economy division, headed by Jean-Jacques Morin, includes brands such as Ibis, Novotel, Mercure and Pullman. It will be structured around four major regions.


The second division, Luxury & Lifestyle, will be organized around four brand collections under the leadership of Sébastien Bazin: Raffles & Orient Express, Fairmont, Sofitel and Ennismore. The lifestyle segment is currently the fastest growing, driven by Ennismore, which brings together a portfolio of unique and creative brands such as So/, The Hoxton, Mondrian and Mama Shelter.

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