Gainerie 91 group wins another Formes de Luxe award

On October 2, as part of the Luxe Pack Monaco event at the Grimaldi Forum, the Formes de Luxe awards ceremony was held. The ceremony honored innovative products in the packaging sector, in twenty-two categories from the perfumes and cosmetics and wines and spirits sectors. In the latter category, the Gainerie 91 group once again stood out, winning the Coffret Vins et Spiritueux prize.


For the second time in a row, the Gainerie 91 group was honored at the Formes de Luxe event. The manufacturer of luxury packaging and visual merchandising won this year’s Wine and Spirits Gift Set award thanks to its XXO Grande Champagne Gift Set, designed for the French Maison Coutanseaux Aîné. François de La Giraudière and Céline Schaeffer, respectively Chief Operating Officer of Coutanseaux Aîné and Key Account Manager of Gainerie 91, took to the stage to receive their awards.



According to François de la Giraudière, the packaging for this box embodied “luxury à la française, while taking into account a real eco-design issue by using recyclable materials as much as possible. Our priority was to have packaging that was avant-garde, minimalist, differentiating and a tribute to our history, while at the same time respecting the environment“.


In an interview at the event, Céline Schaeffer explained that “the challenge […] was to highlight the identity of the packaging, using the most responsible materials possible. We succeeded in avoiding the use of injected materials, as well as the use of magnets to guarantee perfect closure of the box. All this has been made possible by the work of our technical team, and thanks to numerous checks and fine-tuning, which today enable us to offer packaging perfectly adapted to the shape of the bottle“.


The box is entirely eco-designed, using environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials.

Wrapped in fine paper, the polygonal-shaped cardboard box has been handcrafted without the use of plastic. Nor are there any metal hinges or closures. The interior features a felt and EVA insert, while an aluminum label is affixed to the front. Inside this perfectly watertight case is the decanter, which weighs over two kilograms.





In 2022, the group had already won the trophy in the Premium Box category thanks to its Hennessy Trunk – NBA 75th Anniversary Edition project. This was a briefcase-shaped box celebrating 75 years of the NBA, distributed only to the seventy-six best basketball players in history and containing three exclusive bottles of the famous cognac.


Twenty-two big winners

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Featured Photo : © Formes de Luxe


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