Gainerie 91 opens the doors of its new eco-responsible production site

Gainerie 91, a leader in high-end packaging and merchandising, is expanding and setting up shop in Lieusaint, Seine et Marne. This location combines its new headquarters and production site in France.


The French group has just inaugurated a new 4,500 m2 site on two levels in the Parc du Levant in Lieusaint. This new location allows the company to increase its Made in France production, to relocate the production of certain customers, but also to invest in a more efficient and eco-responsible production tool.


The building, designed by 4+ Arpent Réalisation and the Optimum architectural studio, was built to be sustainable and energy efficient. It has a rainwater recovery and utilization system and its roof is equipped with 80% solar panels. This initiative will allow for an autonomy of half of the electrical consumption on average during the year.


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The editorial team
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