Ferragamo sees sales up 10% in 2022

The Italian luxury brand showed dynamism last year.  And this, despite an Asian market plagued by the covid pandemic in China, and thanks to the nice rebound in Europe and the United States.


Marco Gobetti is finishing his first year at Salvatore Ferragamo well. According to provisional accounts, the house recorded a 10.2% increase in sales to 1.25 billion euros in 2022. The former CEO of Celine, Givenchy and Burberry had taken over the reins of the Italian luxury house in early 2022.


2022 was another year of revenue growth” in a “complex and volatile macroeconomic environment,” he commented. The rebound of the covid pandemic in China did cause a decline in sales there in the fourth quarter. But Marco Gobetti mentioned the “very encouraging” return of customers, after the lifting of health restrictions in December.


Double-digit growth outside Asia



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The editorial team
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