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Tod’s exceeded its pre-covid level in 2022

Tod’s exceeded its pre-covid level in 2022

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The transalpine group specializing in footwear and fashion has reached one billion euros in 2022. This is thanks to the currency effect but also, it explains, to its ambitious strategy.


The group led by Diego Della Valle has walked a very good step in 2022. The owner of the famous eponymous moccasin brand, but also of the shoe and/or ready-to-wear and couture houses Roger Vivier, Hogan, Fay and Schiaparelli, announced yesterday, Wednesday, a preliminary consolidated turnover of 1 billion euros. This represents a 14% increase over 2021, when sales reached 883.8 million euros. At constant exchange rates, revenues are even up 11% to 984.2 million euros, compared to last year.


The excellent news is that Tod’s has thus exceeded the pre-pandemic level of 2019 by 10%. This good performance was welcomed by the stock market, with Tod’s shares closing in the green on Wednesday, up 0.4% to 32.38 euros.


Currency effect


In more detail, the currency effect favored the group’s most international brands, namely Tod’s and Roger Vivier.


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