Fashion & Luxury professions are recruiting in the PACA region

Faced with growing demand for “Made in France” manufacturing, 200 recruitment projects are currently being set up in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region by the Comité Stratégique de Filière des industries de la mode et du luxe.


Representing 2,500 employees and 360 companies, many players in the PACA region’s fashion and luxury industry are strongly committed to local recruitment. Indeed, a growing demand from consumers, concerned about Made in France, has been observed.


To this end, the CSF Mode & Luxe has undertaken a national recruitment campaign and is offering students, apprentices, people undergoing retraining, job seekers or parents the opportunity to train and discover more about the technical professions in this field.


Among the training or employment organizations in the PACA region that participate are the École Provençale de joaillerie, the Fask academy and Fil Rouge.


The Provencal School of Jewelry


The Jewelry, Jewellery and Goldsmithing sector brings together a group of companies, craftsmen, creators, designers and manufacturers who design, shape and create timeless or fashionable pieces.


As an integral part of this sector, L’École Provençale de Joaillerie offers a variety of training courses in the field of design, workshop or finishing techniques, sales or even in the field of wax models. It offers its students, through the use of high-end equipment, a complete apprenticeship in the jewelry and goldsmithing trades.


The Fask Academy


Created in 2019, the FASK is an association whose ambition is to promote the economic development of the fashion ecosystem and contribute to its influence in France and internationally. Having noted that almost all companies in the southeast are held back in their economic development by the lack of skills in the field of textiles in the labor market, it decided to create the Fask Academy in February 2021.


The latter, an association that has received the label School of Production in May last year, will offer next September to fifteen students a free training for a period of two years, sanctioned by the CAP Métiers de la Mode – Vêtement flou”. The same will be done in September 2023, and the other years, so that over the years 50 students will be trained in the fashion industry.


Fil Rouge, French textile specialist


This industrial company originating from Marseille is specialized in the industrial manufacture of French clothing and textiles. Since 2014, it has been recognized as a major player in the textile sector.


Faced with an increasing influx of orders and a consequent growth in demand, it has 50 vacancies to fill by July 2022. The strong dynamics of reindustrialization of the textile industry in France has also played a role in this recruitment drive. Indeed, positions of workshop managers, team leaders, prototypists, mechanics and mechanics in clothing are available.





Featured Photo : © Fask Academy


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