The fashion and luxury industry gives a generally positive assessment of the first Macron quinquennium

The outfit of Brigitte Macron, who came to celebrate the election of her husband at the Champ-de-Mars, did not escape the connoisseurs. In her navy blue suit with silver buttons, they recognised the First Lady’s favorite label, Louis Vuitton. In 2017, she had already chosen LVMH’s flagship company for Emmanuel Macron’s first election.


This choice has given rise to contrasting reactions, just like the assessment made by the fashion and luxury industry players on the first five-year term of the leader of the République En Marche.


Some, like Pierre-François le Louët, President of the French federation of women’s ready-to-wear clothing (Ffpapf) and director of the consultancy agency Nelly Rodi, see in it Brigitte Macron‘s “role as an ambassador for fashion and luxury in France and abroad”. A mission that had not been made possible by “the previous configuration under François Hollande”. Others regret that the First Lady did not take advantage of these high-profile occasions to put forward other designers, rather like Michelle Obama did. But Pierre-François le Louët notes that while Brigitte Macron has a special relationship with Louis Vuitton, she has also worn outfits from other houses, such as Balmain and Barbara Bui, over the past five years.


In addition to the mission of the First Lady, Pierre-François le Louët salutes a strong symbolic gesture during the first Macron quinquennium, namely the organisation of two Fashion Dinners at the Elysée, in 2018 and 2020, bringing together numerous representatives of the industry, designers, brands, manufacturers. “This had not been done since the 1980s.”



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Featured photo : © Benjamin Girette/Bloomberg / Getty Images


The editorial team
The editorial team
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