Fantasy will be the order of the day in decorating in 2023

Creative freedom: that’s what decorating is all about next year. Follow the guide!



If you’re looking for originality in 2023, you’ll be spoilt for choice. In design, whimsy will not be confined to hotels and posh galleries.


In a post-confinement society, design publishers and online decorating retailers have observed that consumers are looking for change in their homes. Telecommuting has led to a rethinking of interior design, where people spend more time. And that’s just as well, because in design as in architecture or fashion, it’s time for fantasy.


© Maria de la Orden x Monoprix


For example, Monoprix is unveiling the Pierre Marie x Monoprix collection from 26 November. The designer Pierre Marie is offering tableware, plaids, a lamp, jumpers and a medicine cabinet. The bold use of colour and surprising patterns is in line with the brand’s current collaboration with Spanish designer Maria de la Orden, who adds a touch of excitement to the tableware.


In Europe


On the other side of the border and since 2019, fantasy is also expressed in full force at Extra-Ordinaire in Brussels, the universe imagined by Belgian fashion designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard. You will come away from his physical or online boutique with some very surprising rarities.


© Extra Ordinaire, Bruxelles


The concept store takes us far away, for example with bowls covered in multiple black and shiny patterns, made in Mexico. Not to mention the unique glassware and mattress-like cushions upholstered in India.


The young Belgian specialists in Deco do not hesitate to openly break away from everything that is codified. Among the rising names in design are the duo Destroyers Builders and Studio Biskt.


Caboche lamp © Foscarini


In Italy, the design company Foscarini illustrates the idea of fantasy with its Caboche lamp series by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. The latter can be composed by hanging spheres that look like drops of water on a small structure inspired by a vintage pearl bracelet.


© Nilufar Gallery and MODES à Paris


In Milan, the Nilufar Gallery offers vintage furniture, mixing eras, textures, materials and designers. The Nilufar Gallery and MODES exhibition in Paris, organised on the sidelines of Paris + Art Basel 2022, seemed to come straight from another world. The future, perhaps?



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Featured photo : © Jean-Paul Lespagnard pour Guillemin.


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The editorial team
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