European stock markets stable before Jerome Powell’s speech

The main European stock markets opened without much change on Tuesday, a few hours before the much-anticipated speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to Congress in Washington.


The major European stock markets opened slightly lower before rising slightly on Tuesday around 10 am. The Paris CAC 40 was up 0.47% to 7,390 points, the Dax in Frankfurt was up 0.29%, the FTSE in London up 0.17%. The Euro Stoxx 50 was almost flat (+0.06%). All take their cue from Wall Street, whose U.S. indices finished close to balance yesterday.


Investors are not yet taking a position, awaiting the start of the hearing of the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell. Powell will be heard at 15:00 GMT by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, before a similar hearing before the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Investors will be watching closely to see what indications he might give on the U.S. labor market, the evolution of economic conditions since the February meeting and the path of inflation. In another important event this week, the U.S. will release the latest monthly U.S. labor market figures on Friday.



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The editorial team
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