Dior dresses No Label Academy students

By designing a uniform for the American students of the No Label Academy, a program at Harvard University, in partnership with rapper IDK, Dior has pulled off a fine inclusion operation. Its parent company, the Lvmh group, had already launched its own training school for the underprivileged, this time in France.

In music too, clothes make the man…


Aware of the confidence that a nice outfit can give to those who wear it, Dior has just joined a great inclusion operation by dressing the students of the No Label Academy. in partnership with rapper IDK.


Launched last year by the eponymous association, in association with British-American rapper and producer Jason Mills, aka IDK, the No Label Academy aims to “make music education accessible to as many people as possible”.


25 students


A short program – a tuition-free, two-week music business course offered at the end of the summer – was launched at the Harvard School of Engineering and the Harvard Museum of Arts.


And for this second academic year, the 25 new students taking part have the chance to sport a preppy silhouette, both classy and casual, signed by Dior.


© Dior x No Label Academy

Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior’s men’s lines, and IDK created “exclusive uniforms” that make students feel like full-fledged members of Harvard’s elite.


The uniforms feature the prestigious American university’s signature color palette, ranging “from burgundy to cream to navy blue”, as well as Dior’s “House fundamentals” and IDK’s “creative singularity”.


Exceptional collaboration


The pieces on offer, in Sea Island cotton, sweatshirt t-shirt and chino pants, also feature a patch illustrating this exceptional collaboration. Finally, students at the No Label Academy will be able to take a good step towards success thanks to a pair of Dior Explorer loafers, adorned with “CD Diamond or Dior Oblique graphics”.


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Front page photo: © Dior x No Label Academy



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