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Chanel advent calendar under fire

Chanel advent calendar under fire

In recent days on the social network Tik Tok, a controversy broke out about the Chanel advent calendar, in tribute to its famous perfume N°5.


The controversy began when Elise Harmon, a tiktokeuse, decided to buy a Chanel advent calendar. This limited edition of 825 dollars promised “a calendar like no other”. But Harmon was quickly disillusioned when she unpacked the boxes one after the other.


Sharing her first video on the social network where she has 241,000 followers, Elise Harmon enthusiastically showed her purchase “Am I crazy ? Absolutely, but I’ve never seen a Chanel advent calendar, so let’s see if it’s worth it.”


We’ll give them a 10/10 for the packaging,” she continued, noting how the calendar’s shape mirrors the brand’s iconic perfume bottle. But as she opened the boxes as she went along, she was disappointed. Among the gifts: a keychain, stickers and a magnet, which don’t really match the idea she had of the calendar.


@eliseharmonReply to @jennyshopesanddreamsdied♬ A Holly Jolly Christmas – Instrumental Christmas Music


It didn’t take long for the video to go viral, accumulating over 15 million views, as well as 46 million reactions in China on the social network Weibo with the hashtag #Chanelblindbox. The comments were not long in coming: “I would demand a refund if I were you. It’s literally worth something like $5 maybe.” Some fans of the brand have defended themselves, explaining that the content of the calendar was not secret because it was posted on the site, fully unpacked.


Social networks have taken over and the Instagram account Diet Prada, which generally denounces the copy among fashion brands, has taken the videos of the young woman to compare with other advent calendars of luxury brands, less expensive. The conclusion for them is clear, the object remains a collector but the content would not be worth these 825 dollars. It’s up to everyone to make up their own mind on the matter.


Chanel reacted to this controversy with BFM Business: “We have taken note of the very mixed comments that are currently visible under our publications and we are sorry that this calendar may have disappointed some people.”


Elise Harmon then claimed that Chanel had blocked her on TikTok, which was denied by the luxury brand: “We have never blocked access to our Tik Tok account, to anyone, because it is simply not active The Chanel account on the social network Tik Tok has never been activated, no content has ever been published, it has no subscriber and no subscription. The page therefore appears empty to anyone who visits it. So when Ms. Harmon went to our page, she naturally found the message that she could not access this account, just like anyone else on the network.


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