Champagne: Maison Thiénot launches wine tourism business

The Champagne House Thiénot will open a prestigious venue for wine tourism in Reims in 2025. The complex will include an interactive museum, a five-star hotel, a champagne bar, and a rooftop terrace.


The Champagne House Thiénot will soon reap the rewards of its ambitions. By 2025, this family-owned house will see the culmination of an extensive project: the transformation of a 5,000 m² building into an immersive wine tourism destination. Located in the heart of Reims, the estate will feature an interactive champagne museum and a five-star hotel with a champagne bar and rooftop terrace.


Launched in 2022, the project aims to renovate an 18th-century mansion. Owned by Maison Thiénot for about a decade, the site was initially intended for offices and business meetings. However, due to the booming wine tourism industry in Champagne, the company reconsidered its plans.


The Champagne Universe Across Five Floors


Named “Le 3,” the complex promises to be a unique experience for champagne enthusiasts. Spanning five levels, it will offer activities centered around champagne, including hands-on workshops to understand its production process. A wine library will showcase Maison Thiénot’s expertise by displaying all references produced by the estate since its founding, while a cellar for reserve wines will help relieve the production site in Taissy. To accommodate various types of tourists, the venue will also feature a children’s area, allowing parents to enjoy their tasting experiences in peace.


More than just a wine tourism destination, Le 3 will offer overnight accommodations. Around a dozen hotel rooms will encourage visitors to extend their champagne experience. Guests can also enjoy a spa and a 500 m² green rooftop offering views of the cathedral and the historic heart of Reims. Currently, the complex does not include a restaurant, but a professional kitchen has been designed to host Michelin-starred chefs, as Maison Thiénot is a founding member of the prestigious Fondation Paul Bocuse.



A Young House

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Featured Photo: © Thiénot

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