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Breitling opens a second restaurant in Geneva

Breitling opens a second restaurant in Geneva

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Seoul and now Geneva. The Swiss watchmaker opens a second restaurant in the city of Calvin.


After watchmaking, it’s time for gastronomy! Breitling has just opened a second restaurant called Breitling Kitchen Geneva. Inaugurated Monday evening in Geneva by the brand’s CEO, George Kern, this new culinary space is located right next to the Breitling boutique. Prestigious guests were also present, such as the famous actor of the Casa de Papel, Alvaro Morte, ambassador of the brand and perhaps better known by his “stage” name, El professor.


At the helm of the kitchens, the watch brand invited the famous French-Colombian chef Juan Arbelaez. Already at the head of several restaurants in France and elsewhere, this culinary artist has imagined a menu inspired by modern street food based on fresh and local ingredients. Because the closer it is, the better it is!


To highlight his Latin American origins, Chef Arbelaez offers a selection of authentic Mexican tacos, as well as a Peruvian-style ceviche, the Tartare de Daurade.


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The brand, as well as the chef, have taken particular care to ensure that the products are fresh and come straight from the garden next door or from the catch of the day. These culinary mixes between local and foreign traditions result in unexpected flavors such as the Guacalogico, a guacamole that replaces avocado with broccoli, or the Superocean Salad, whose name is inspired by one of the brand’s watches. It is composed of organic vegetables and fish from sustainable fishing.



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Featured photo : © Breitling

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