The Maserati Caffé settles in the city of light

It is in the heart of Eataly, the temple of Italian gastronomy in Paris, that the Maserati Caffé has taken up residence for a little while.


Maserati puts its wheels in the heart of the capital. While waiting for the opening of a dealership, Maserati has developed a temporary point of sale, the Maserati Caffé Paris. A sort of “Maison hommage”, nestled in the Marais district.


Directed by Edouard Schumacher, the trident brand fell in early 2023 into the hands of the distributor LS Group, which already markets the brands Renault, Bugatti, Lamborghini and McLaren.


The Maserati Caffé Paris is a place that breathes luxury (and leather!), where it will be possible to enjoy a delicious black coffee, which recalls the flavors of Italy and the Dolce Vita.


The decoration of the café is rather minimalist and sophisticated. The tiled floor blends well with the wood of the chairs and tables. The midnight blue walls are reminiscent of a Maserati car shade. Scattered throughout the establishment are several small references and reminders of the Italian brand’s logo.


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Featured photo : © Maserati


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The editorial team
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