Valentino ventures into High Perfumery

On Tuesday, February 13th, the L’Oréal Group announced the launch of a High Perfumery range for the Italian fashion house Valentino.


Inspired by the Haute Couture universe perpetuated by the collections of Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of the brand, the new line of Valentino fragrances launched by L’Oréal on February 13th promises to be sharp and imbued with the codes of the House. In addition to traditional perfume techniques, the use of innovative Italian ingredients such as Calabrian green mandarin and Sicilian olive wood is added, as well as a new tuberose component from an exclusive partnership between L’Oréal and fragrance supplier Cosmo. Through a new generation long extraction technology, the scent of flowers is captured without using chemical solvents or resorting to heating techniques that could alter their essence.


Expected to be released by the end of spring, this high-end perfume line will be bottled in glass bottles sourced from France and Italy.


The announcement marks a new milestone in the development of Valentino beauty products under the impetus of L’Oréal. Since the French group acquired the license five years ago, the Italian House has made a significant mark on its market. Its makeup line now includes lipsticks, blushes, and foundations, while its fragrance offering includes several scents including the famous “Born in Roma.”


The Prestigious Beauty Segment


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Featured photo : ©Valentino

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